Java based system for creating fully working modular audio systems, which are assembled with programmed functional components.

Project registered to 2003-01-27, see project page at for more information.


Javasynth is a Java based system for creating (rather experimental) modular audio systems, called sound modules. Mostly this means synthesizers of some kind, assembled in a modular fashion using oscillators, amplifiers, envelopes, filters and other kind of components which should be familiar to you if you have some kind of background working with hardware synthesizers.

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Technical summary

Javasynth project contains two Java packages separated by design.

Javasynth engine, the sound module system, reads and writes sound modules in XML, and allows real time playback. The engine can be easily used on its own.

Graphical User Interface (GUI), a Swing based user interface for designing and playing sound modules. Directly uses the engine package, giving the user views into the modules.

Javasynth uses standard Java Sound API for audio playback, but can be easily plugged into other APIs.

Project status

The project is currently in its alpha stage, including:

  • Javasynth engine working
  • Graphical User Interface working
  • About 20 sound components (oscillators, amplifiers, filters etc) implemented
  • XML reading and writing of sound modules working
  • ... several bugs and component design flaws :)


The Javasynth project is kindly hosted by Logo